Test Preparation

Having trouble preparing for your real estate or mortgage exam? Let us help!

Online Tutoring

Host Group offers Live Online Tutoring that you can book as a one-on-one review session that's fully customized and private. Our online tutoring costs $75 per hour and you can pick from any of these areas for review:

* Real Estate Salesperson: review for general (national) exam
* Real Estate Salesperson: review for state-specific exam
* Real Estate Broekr: review for general (national) exam
* Real Estate Broker: review for state-specific exam
* Mortgage Loan Originator ("loan officer"): review for national exam
* Mortgage Loan Originator ("loan officer"): review for state-specific exam

Private Lessons

Schedule a private lesson with our head instructor in our Boston office. You can customize the topics that will be covered, and be able to work one-on-one with an instructor until you feel comfortable with the material. Private lessons in our Boston office with Head Instructor Dee cost $175 per hour and are dependent on the instructor's availability; Contact us to schedule a session.

Study Aids : Video Crash Courses

If you prefer to study on your own, check out our online store and purchase study aids such as video crash courses, practice exams, and supplemental reading material.


Retake The Class With Us

If you originally took your pre-licensing class at another school, have tried other study aids, and are still having a hard time passing the exam, retake the course with Host Group. Our classes are very thorough, plus we offer a lifetime audit policy so you can keep coming back to the class (for no additional cost) until you pass the exam. Learn more about our Real Estate Salesperson pre-licensing class, our Real Estate Broker pre-licensing class, or our Mortgage Loan Originator pre-licensing class.