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Do you drool over house and condo listings, or find yourself saying “I can do that!” any time you watch real estate shows on tv? Then a career in real estate might be for you! The first step to becoming a licensed real estate salesperson in ma is to take Host Group Real Estate Academy’s 40-hour pre-licensing class.

It is recommended that you register early in order to take advantage of the full two weeks of prep time to complete as much as possible before the first day of the course. Ongoing course dates offered on consecutive weekends, and additional dates will be added over time. Check the schedule below for the live courses.

The first step

The first step to become licensed as a salesperson is to complete forty hours of education at any one of the Board-approved real estate schools (Host Group is an approved MA Real Estate School - Code 1230).

Once your education is complete, the school will provide you with a Candidate Handbook which will contain verification of your completed education, as well as instructions to make an appointment to take the salesperson examination with the Board's test administrator, the PSI Exam. All information needed to take the examination will be contained in the Candidate Handbook. Upon passing the examination, a licensing fee of $103-$150 must be paid to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, then you will immediately be issued a 2-year salesperson license.

Real Estate Salesperson Live Course

Live 4-day course: $249

28 hours of live instruction & 12 hours of online self-paced coursework
Self-paced material available 14 days before the start of class

We use Litmos to provide our online instruction. Get more info on how Litmos works here.
Please note: both courses (live and streaming) have a required amount of homework (12 hours).
We recommended that you register early in order to take advantage of the full two weeks of prep time to complete as much as possible before the first day of class.


Also available

Online Distance Learning / Self-Paced Hybrid Course ($249)
Includes a combination of live-streamed instruction and self-paced video instruction, digital textbook, two sample exams, multiple quizzes, learning tools, and course supplements.

FREE Live Tutoring

Limited to 7 people per group, tutoring takes place at our Boston Office, located here.
Wednesdays from 9am-2pm, Fridays from 12pm-6pm, by appointment only.
Existing students only.


Class Availability:

When viewing our course schedule, if there is not an orange "Register Now" button next to the date, that course is sold out. Sign up below if you'd like to be added to the waitlist for a sold-out course, as seats often open up.

All of our real estate salesperson courses are held in our main office in Boston, unless otherwise noted.


Anyone interested in becoming a licensed real estate salesperson needs to take this course, then pass the state exam. The Distance Learning Hybrid course is being offered to help accommodate those interested in becoming a licensed real estate salesperson but would have difficulty attending 40 hours of live instruction in our classroom located at 236 Huntington Ave. in Boston. This course completes the 40 hour pre-licensing requirement set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Real Estate Salesperson License allows one to work under a licensed Real Estate Broker to deal with sales, rentals, and commercial real estate transactions.

Learn about distance Learning

Host Group Real Estate Academy is the first place I would recommend to anyone who is interested in learning about the real estate market/profession. The knowledge that Dee has earned over the course of his career is invaluable and the examples he gives relating to the course topics are based on real life experiences that make the learning process that much more interesting.
— George Kougianos