Self-Paced Video Salesperson Program

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Real Estate Salesperson

Pre-Licensing Video Course
A self-paced course in the Host Group classroom, led by a licensed...

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Real Estate Salesperson

Pre-Licensing Video Course
A self-paced course in the Host Group classroom, led by a licensed instructor

Host Group Real Estate Academy now offers its popular 40-hour Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing class as a self-paced video program. The course takes place in our classroom and is led by a licensed instructor, but the student chooses their own schedule to complete the required classroom time, based on lab hours established by the school. This course is intended for students who are unable to complete the class in the standard 4-day “crash course” format. (Please note: this video format is also available for our Real Estate Broker Pre-Licensing course.)

We offer two pricing options for this course:

• Option A: pay for the full course up front ($249)

• Option B: pay in 3 installments ($99.99 for first 12 hours;

$99.99 for next 19 hours; $99.99 for final 19 hours)

Materials included in the price of this class:

• Up to 50 hours of access to SP40 portal in our classroom, including
video lectures, quizzes, and supplemental reading material
• Textbook: Modern Real Estate Practices (Dearborn Publishing)
• Test preparation software

Please review the MA Real Estate Candidate Handbook for additional information about the process of obtaining your license.

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Real Estate Salesperson
Pre-Licensing Video Course

General Information

• The system can only be accessed in the classroom with a
licensed instructor present.
• 40 hours of...

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General Information

• The system can only be accessed in the classroom with a
licensed instructor present.
• 40 hours of classroom time are required to complete the course.
We allow up to 50 hours of access to the system. Classroom
time includes 1 hour of one-on-one time with head instructor
• You have 12 weeks to complete the course from your initial
payment. For each 12 week extension, you will be charged $50.
• You must schedule your classroom time by 4pm the
day before
• Registration is not transferrable. The student who registered is the
only person who can sign in to the account.
• Photo ID required each time you check in.

Cancellations & No-Shows
• You have to cancel your scheduled classroom time by 4pm the
day before
• “No-Show” includes cancellations made after the 4pm deadline OR
not showing up at all OR arriving 30+ minutes late for
your scheduled time
• We’ll allow one “complimentary” no-show, and will charge $10
for each additional no-show. All fees must be paid prior to
course completion.

• Refunds are only available within 48 hours of initial payment, and
only if you haven’t started the course yet. No refunds are available
for 2nd and 3rd installments of payment plan. All Refunds will be
processed within 30 days from the date of refund request. We will
email you proof of credit, but credit card refunds can take between
7-10 days to credit your accounts, according to our Merchant
Processing Companies. It is at the sole discretion of Host Group
to consider modification of any of our cancellation/refund policies
to fit unique circumstances.

Please Note
• The course portal and all material presented and shared in this
course is proprietary information. Video and audio recording, as
well as photography, is strictly prohibited.
• Textbooks will be handed out on the first day of class; textbooks
cannot be returned and are not eligible for refunds or exchanges.
Our Salesperson/Broker course materials retail for $52.00; all
prices subject to change. If a Real Estate Salesperson or Broker
candidate loses their MA Exam Handbook, they will be charged
$50.00 for a replacement book.
• State exam registration and fees are the student’s responsibility
and are completely separate from Host Group Real Estate
Academy. A handbook will be distributed on the first day of class
with more information.
• The school reserves the right to deny further class attendance to
any student whose behavior is disruptive and interferes with the
learning process. This includes the use of cell phones or other
electronics, as well as outside reading materials. No taping or
audio/visual equipment is allowed in class at any time. Smoking
is not allowed in the classroom or building at any time. There will
be periodic breaks during the session so that those who wish to
smoke may use designated areas outside the building. Students
are expected to obey the rules of the building where classes are
held. Parking arrangements and fees are the sole responsibility
of the student.
• Please review our school privacy policy, disclaimers,
and copyrights.

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